“Things I know” is an installation constructed by a soundscape and a garden implantation, which seeks to continue expanding N0collective’s creative path. For its creation, we were inspired by the dramaturgical material present in the play “The things I know to be true” by Andrew Bovell, creating a “sonic garden”. Bringing together four types of plant species, which can change in each of the installations of the piece, we had situated among them four conversations with collectives and individuals about the themes of toxic masculinity and its relationship to narcissism and addictions, the gender gap in the field of motherhood, transsexuality and its profound relationship to identity and legal procedures to achieve it, and the relationship of all these themes to the future, this last one made  through discussion with a group of people under the age of twenty-five.

Through the editing and curatorship of all these talks, we have created an in situ sound composition, in which the viewer can immerse himself, through a walk through a lush garden. This garden, sometimes acidic, sometimes tender, aims to be always honest and nonconformist. The disposition of the plants in the space guides the way, so that the walker listens, hears and stops when he wants.

The relationship of the human being with the natural is as old as the human being. Therefore, the garden of this piece. In fact, it is, rather, how to describe the relationship of any being with that which engendered it. But now, it seems that we are rediscovering this implicit relationship through the ecological movements and of “neurovegetal thought”, term coined by the biologist Stefano Mancuso.

When we listen to our voices next to the vegetal element, we think that perhaps it is possible to conjugate an image of the harmony between both fields, or perhaps another, we do not know. But we do know that we must begin to pay attention to other models that surpass, no longer the anthropocentric one, but the one of the “animal-in-movement” model, in its totality.

By contemplating this garden of “Things I Know,” we hope to be able to continue to create spaces for this new narrative.

/// Things I know ///

Done and created by n0collective

Sound design and edition_ Ana Villa & Juanjo Valmorisco

Acknowledgements to the team of Sala Tarambana, Justo Fernandez,Justo Fernandez, Carmen Garcia de Merlo, Lydia Mota, Ana Serrano, Irene Garcia, Oscar Lahuerta, Maribel Gimeno, Noelia Garcia, Miriam Muñiz and Silvia Nanclares.