This project was developed between September 2017 and September 2018, through five creative residences in Naves Matadero and Etopia Zaragoza.

Beginning with the conception and design of the installation “The Passenger” by Néstor Lizalde in September 2017, it continues with a creative residence in Naves Matadero in Madrid, in December 2017, to lay the foundations for work among all its members, including international creatives. Another meeting in February in Naves Matadero 2018 continues with the construction of the imaginary of the piece, together with a creative residence in ETOPIA Zaragoza to culminate the technological and conceptual development of “El Pasajero” by Nestor Lizalde. The process continues with a three-week residence in Naves Matadero with all the members of the collective, in which a work in progress is presented and the work is shared with the public. The process continues at Naves Matadero with six weeks of work on a first sketch of the text and the images produced in residence in June and July 2018. The first result of the work will be presented in September as part of the Zaragoza Escena Festival.

The interaction between technology and performing arts proposed by n0collective continues with the creation of more meetings, both for the narrative extension of the themes presented, and for projects whose basis is the movement and the visual aspect of the elements present in the research.

The focus of the work is to create and maintain the dialogue between a more or less tenuously structured narrative stage project and electronic art in new media. Likewise, the project has a powerful foot in the international collaboration between Spanish and international creators, with the cultural mix that this implies, and the mixture of points of view and positions.

The work has been created following a horizontal scheme of action, in which none of the artistic forms contained in the project has had a hegemony over the others. This allows us to continue to open and expand our conclusions both as we add creative to collective, or as our perspectives mutate over time and experience.


Our first cross-breeding project has been written by Andrew Bovell, an Australian playwright witha long proffesional development, whose text dialogues and coexists with the installation “The Passenger” by Néstor Lizalde.

After the various residences, we are developing a work fable that breaks with the concept 0/1, in the binary social, political and thought approach that we think has characterized life in Europe for at least a thousand years. Sky/earth, Light/Darkness, Good/Bad, Left/Right, Narrative/Electronic Art, are concepts that we think no longer serve to describe reality. So, we mix New Media and narrative theatre, two elements that are also separate to find a third way that goes beyond their own labels.

The basis of our story lies in an apartment in a contemporary city, where an elderly woman lives with her twin, adult children. Like a wilted garden, the apartment is inhabited by dying plants, as is the mother of the twins. The twins, male and female, are at war with themselves and with the world, destroying their present and the small remnant of the future that the elderly mother has yet to live. The arrival of a fourth character in the house will unleash a sequence of events that, through violence and surprising tenderness, will change the status quo of a suffocated  House/Spain, a House/Europe that must mutate to survive, or maybe to perish and let go.


Idea and creation: N0collective  //  Dramaturgy: Andrew Bovell  //  New media design: Néstor Lizalde  //  Sound space: Iñaki Rubio  //  Stage direction: Julián Fuentes Reta  //  Dramaturgy and translation: Jorge Muriel  //  Cast: Borja Maestre, Consuelo Trujillo, Jorge Muriel y Pilar Gómez  //  Production and executive production design: Nadia Corral  //  Communication and distribution: Giulia Bonnat  //  Web and multimedia design: Ángel Málaga  //  Photography: Javier Jimeno  //  Documentary: Rhys Graham  //  Production: Octubre Producciones  //  Co-production: Naves Matadero – International Living Arts Centre / Municipal Board of Scenic Arts and Image – Zaragoza City Council / CESAR Labs / Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation (FZC) / ETOPIA Art and Technology Centre – Zaragoza City Council / The Myer FoundationWriters Victoria (Australia) / Arts SA- Government of South Australia   //  Length: 80 minutes